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ATV & Kayak Tour

1 Day





10 Years

MXN $ 80

Manglares City Tour Progreso

Explore the mangroves of La Ría throug canals and tunnels and be amazed by its beauty and its richness. Then we take an ATV to get to Misné Balam, an old hacienda which was a proud producer on henequén, known as the green gold back in the day.

Tour description

Leaving from Mérida, we reach Progreso at 8 in the morning. La Ría receives us and it is time to equip ourselves to live the mangrove and its beauty, a basic kayak navigation class is part of our preparations. We enter the mangroves of Progreso de Castro navigating through canals and tunnels exploring the surroundings which have dozens of birds that transit the area in their migration as Garcetas, Martín Pescador, Storks, Herons, Orioles and many more. We will navigate back to our starting point to head back to our meeting point.

We will have the opportunity to enjoy food before transporting to "Paradise" where we equip ourselves and enter the mountain on board ATVs to visit Misné Balam (Misné, cat's tail, and Balam, jaguar.), or the tail of the Jaguar Cat. For many years it was an important site for the production of henequen and housed more than 150 settlers, many of them workers with their families. Nowadays it is a village abandoned by the inhabitants who until more than a decade ago lived there, tired in large part by the different appearances of ghosts, from the original owner of the hacienda, Don Fidencio G. Márquez, who was murdered in 1921 on one of the roads or "sac bé" that led from San Ignacio to his farm; even the child Juliancito, who committed suicide in the hacienda after being abused by one of the workers, going through other entities and inexplicable sounds that are presented there.

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    What's included

    Professional guide
    Round transportation
    Snack lunch

    What's not included



    A talk about the places we're going to visit
    Free hotel pickup and drop-off included
    Family friendly
    Snack lunch included (fruit, sandwich and a power bar)

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    Tour Map


    Here's the plan to your next adventure:

    7:00 am - Departure from your hotel to La Ria

    Be ready at 7am and we'll pick you up at your hotel. Our van will take you to La Ria on Progreso, where you adventure begins.

    8:00 am - Arrival to La Ria

    We're here and we can't wait to get started. Wait for intructions from our tour guides.

    8:15 am - Getting ready

    Get your gear and prepare yourself, the adventure is about to get started.

    8:30 am - Kayak tour

    Get on board, we'll visit the mangrooves at La Ria through canals and tunnels. Get your camera ready, this is going to be amazing.

    10:30 am - Time for some snacks

    What a wonderful time, don't you think? It's time to get some rest and enjoy a lightweigth snack, you're going to need it for whats comming.

    11:30 am - ATV and beyond!

    Get your ATV ready! We're visiting an old hacienda on Misné Balam. Enjoy the ride!

    12:30 pm - Hacienda Misné Balam

    We're here, the stone speaks to us. They used to process the heneken but now this place is only visited by intrepid people like you. Hear the sound of the past? Your camera is going to love this place!

    01:30 pm - It's time to rest our feet on a magical place

    Have you heard about an awada? No? Get ready to enjoy a beautiful afternun on this mystical place.

    05:00 pm - Shuttle back to your hotel

    Everything in life comes to an end, but the memory persist. We take you back to your hotel for you to get some rest and prepare for your next adventure.

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