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Sotuta de Peon

1 Day






Hacienda Sotuta de Peon, a place from the past

It is one of the few henequen haciendas that exist in full production and in which history is alive. The first scale is made in the Mayan House, typical and functional construction made with Paclum, material that is obtained from a mixture of earth and grass in which a Mayan family carries out their daily activities surrounded by henequenals.


The second part of the tour consists of entering the bowels of the earth and appreciate the extraordinary beauty of the cenote Dzul-há (Horseman of Water), in which natural stone sculptures frame a natural spa with fresh crystalline waters, in which the visitor will be able to swim in an unparalleled atmosphere.


Then we move to the Machine House where we have the opportunity to see the scrap of henequen leaves with old machinery in which the famous "Solís" wheel technique is still used, invented by Esteban Solís, an ingenious yucatecan who with his invention managed to significantly increase the volume of scraped henequen leaves per hour.


To conclude, there is a tour of the Main House, with wide corridors, antique furniture, paintings, lamps and a decoration that show the splendor in which the family of the hacendado lived, as well as his refined taste.

What's included

Round trip transportation.
Water or soft drinks (non alcoholic).
A la carte meal in Sotuta de Peon.
Safety equipment.
Travel insurance.

What's not included

Alcoholic drinks.


Visit the cenote Dzul-Há.
Visit to the machine chamber, where you'll learn how these people a hundred years ago proceesed the Henequen.
Visit to the main house of the hacienda.

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